Iddy Bit Labradoodles -
Iddy Bits Labradoodles are all listed below. Scroll down to view them all.

  • All of our dogs are CKC (Edward our Poodle CKC & AKC) registered Labradoodles. All future litters will be eligible for CKC registration if breeding rights are purchased. We do not register litters that will not be used for breeding.
  • We generally DO NOT sell our puppies for breeding purposes! Exceptions may be made 
  • We Will consider offering a discount to any affiliation that currently provides therapy dogs for those in need.

Our Boys:

Iddy Bits Royal (retiring)
-Miniature Multi-Gen Labradoodle-CKC-Red-22lb's 

Our Girls:

Iddy Bits Holly
RETIRED living in Harrisburg.
-Miniature Multi-Gen Labradoodle-CKC-Cream 24lb's

Iddy Bit Summer
-Miniature Multi-Gen Labradoodle-CKC-Cream-24lb's

Iddy Bit Chick (retired)
-Miniature Multi-Gen Labradoodle-CKC-White-20lb's

Iddy Bits Ginger
-Miniature Multi-Gen Labradoodle-CKC-Apricot-22lb's

Iddy Bits Alice
-Miniature Multi-Gen
***photo to come***
Iddy Bits Bunny
Miniature Multi-Gen Labradoodle-CKC-
***Photo to come***
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